Press release

Mower specialist CLAAS presents the new generation of drum mowers

As well as the great popularity of disc mowers, there is an ongoing demand for drum mowers, especially for more challenging tasks. 

Accordingly, CLAAS has completely redesigned its CORTO range of robust front and rear mowers. These new drum mowers offer technological innovations which guarantee strong harvesting performance, convenience and durability even in difficult conditions, and will be of particular interest for farming businesses that use their own machinery. Innovations include the ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension system, adjustable swathing discs and, for the CORTO CONTOUR rear mowers, central pivoting at the centre of gravity.

New front drum mowers 

A clean cut and protection of the turf, thanks to three-dimensional ground-contour following

The new CORTO 285 F and 310 F front mowers, with 2.82 m and 3.05 m working widths, respectively, are ideal for standard tasks such as green fodder harvesting using a loader wagon. Their compact and exceptionally robust construction also makes them perfect for challenging operations on hillsides, or in difficult and tall crops. Both mowers feature three-dimensional ground-contour following, ensuring a clean cut and protection of the turf. The system is based on an integrated lateral and longitudinal linkage geometry, allowing the mowing unit to pivot freely. This enables any uneven ground to be covered automatically. 

Convenient and practical swath width adjustment

As well as boasting a new design, the new CORTO 285 F and CORTO 310 F models are also exceptionally user-friendly. Changing the swath width has never been easier, thanks to the simplified process for adjusting the swath discs. There is also the option of adding a second swath disc for particularly narrow swaths, such as for tractors with a narrow track width. Both models also feature an improved crop flow. Another new feature is the flexible rubber collision protection, which prevents any major damage should an obstacle be hit. 

The CORTO 3200 F, our flagship front drum mower, has also been optimised. It comes with all the new features listed above, as well as a new design and an improved crop flow.

ACTIVE FLOAT protects both the mower and the turf 

The ACTIVE FLOAT system, as used in the DISCO range of mowers, is now also available on request for all CORTO front mowers. The ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension transfers the mower weight from the ground to the tractor, and a single-acting spool valve is used for adaptation to the conditions during operation. This protects both the mower and the turf, reduces the amount of dirt entering the unit, lowers fuel consumption and allows operation at a higher speed.

New rear drum mowers

The CORTO 3200 CONTOUR – for maximum convenience

The new CORTO 3200 CONTOUR rear mower provides more convenience than ever before, even in difficult conditions. It has two large and two small drums, and a mowing width of 3.05 m. At the heart of the construction is the central pivot point at the centre of gravity and the ACTIVE FLOAT, both of which are standard for the series. Together, they guarantee perfect ground-contour following, even in difficult conditions on slopes, or on challenging ground full of molehills. Additional safety features include breakback protection with an inclined pivot point as standard, and a belt drive which automatically cushions peak loads, providing protection for the drive train.

Straightforward operation

Another benefit of the new CORTO 3200 CONTOUR is its user-friendliness. Double cones and KENNFIXX grips on the hydraulic hoses make hitching the mower even easier. The special alignment of the frame allows for a 120° road transport position, similar to that of the CLAAS DISCO models. This provides optimum weight distribution and clear visibility in the rear-view mirror. A hydraulic transport locking device operated via a ram rather than a control cable, together with a parking trestle allowing space-saving parking of the mower in the transport position, are both available as optional extras. For parking the mower in smaller sheds, additional rollers are available for the parking trestle.

Strong and robust: the CORTO 220 and 190

In addition to the CORTO 3200 CONTOUR, we have also updated our smaller, robust CORTO 220 and 190 rear drum mowers. Both mowers offer several new user-friendly features such as folding protective covers on both sides, a new jack for convenient parking in the transport position and mechanical breakback protection. Spring suspension, which reduces wear and tear and ensures better ground-contour following, as well as a hydraulic headland lift for an improved lift height, are available as optional extras. The working widths are between 2.10 m and 1.85 m.

All new CORTO drum mowers will be available from next season.