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Press release

NEXOS now with suspended front axle

The NEXOS narrow-width tractor from CLAAS is now available with a suspended, 4-wheel-drive front axle. The PROACTIV suspension ensures greater comfort when working in the fields and driving on roads, and is available for the VE, VL and F NEXOS models.

PROACTIV suspension for maximum driving comfort

All NEXOS models can be fitted with the new PROACTIV front axle suspension. Thanks to the two slanted, outwards-facing suspension cylinders, the tractor's weight is optimally supported by the front axle. This ensures passive roll stabilisation when turning around curves. It also guarantees optimal driving comfort when travelling along roads or rural tracks and when working in the fields. Journeys with heavy equipment in tow are also made safer, as the tractor and its attachment are less likely to rock. The cylinders are installed behind the axle, thereby protecting them from damage.
The double-action suspension offers 80 mm of spring travel, thus absorbing most of the shocks to which the tractor is subjected when in use. The turning circle remains the same as that of the standard front axle. The suspended front axle can be driven in three different modes from the cab: automatic, manual and deactivated. In manual mode, the height can be adjusted with the help of a potentiometer. This helps make it easier, for example, when attaching equipment. Automatic mode counterbalances load changes and keeps the suspension in a central position for optimal spring travel.

The latest NEXOS generation, which was presented at EIMA 2016, comprises 14 different tractor models of varying levels of power and different dimensions. These are the special features of the NEXOS:

Powerful engines

The NEXOS generation includes 14 tractor models with different outputs and dimensions. All models have a smooth-running FPT 4-cylinder engine which features a high torque and extremely low vibration. Engine output ranges from 75 hp to 112 hp, or up to 103 hp in the NEXOS VE which is designed for use in particularly narrow vineyard rows. In the top 250 VL and 250 F models with CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT (CPM), the 103 hp engine delivers a boost of up to 9 hp during PTO and transport work and achieves a maximum torque of 440 Nm.

Engine speed adjustment at the touch of a button

With electronic common rail injection, the NEXOS has an engine speed memory as standard and a second engine speed memory is available as an option. The engine speed can be adjusted accurately at the touch of a button. For work with PTO-driven implements, this guarantees the right speed and high efficiency at any time. In these new engines, the service interval is also extended to 600 hours.

NEXOS engine data


Max. output* (kW/hp)

Max. torque* (Nm)

NEXOS 250 (F and VL only)

82/112 (including 9 hp boost with CPM**)














*in accordance with ECE R 120

**CPM (CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT): Additional engine output (boost) available in CLAAS tractors in certain operating situations.

Optimum emission control technology despite compact dimensions

The dimensions of the NEXOS versions start from an external width of 1.00 m in the VE model for narrow rows, 1.26 m in the VL model for wider vineyard rows and widths from 1.45 m in the F model for orchard work. Despite their compact dimensions, the different models all have engines which are equipped with the latest emission control technology such as a diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalytic converter and external, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and satisfy the requirements of EU exhaust emissions level IIIB (comparable to Tier 4i).

Narrow waist for greater manoeuvrability

All the models have a characteristic indentation in front of and behind the front axle – the narrow waist that has already become an established feature of CLAAS large tractors. It allows a higher steering lock angle, resulting in a much smaller turning radius. The front overhang has been reduced by 88 mm and the wheelbase extended by 50 mm to make the tractors even more manoeuvrable and give maximum directional stability. An optionally available automatic four-wheel drive system with steering angle sensor, which automatically switches off the four-wheel drive function from a certain steering lock angle, for example at the headland, contributes to the outstanding manoeuvrability of the NEXOS tractors.

More comfort for the driver

The low transmission tunnel, optimised layout of the controls and digital colour display in the instrument panel afford more space and greater comfort for the driver. In addition to the cable feedthrough at the rear, the NEXOS has a cable feedthrough to the front as standard so that front-mounted implements with their own control systems can be operated without opening the cab window. The NEXOS F is also available in a platform version.

New transmission

A transmission option with a mechanical splitter with 24 forward and reverse gears is combined with the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser. It is operated by an electronically controlled, extremely low-wear multi-disc clutch. The five different transmissions available in the NEXOS also include the 24 F / 12 R transmission with REVERSHIFT and TWINSHIFT (two powershift speeds) in the top-of-the range model.

NEXOS transmissions

Number of gears





24 F / 12 R





NEW: 24 F / 24 R (F and VL only)




mechanical, double

24 F / 24 R





24 F / 24 R




mechanical, double

12 F / 12 R





Solutions for front-mounting

The front-mounting option offers many detailed solutions for greater flexibility. Additional hydraulic connections for a spool valve and a free-flow return line directly on the front linkage are optionally available in all models. As an alternative to the conventional PTO with 1000 rpm, an economy PTO with 540 ECO rpm for front-mounted implements is also available on the NEXOS tractors.

Hydraulics for any situation

The NEXOS is available with two different hydraulic outputs. A hydraulic pump with a delivery rate of 60 l/min provides an efficient supply to all hydraulic consumers. For demanding hydraulic drives and combined applications, a hydraulic system with a 60 l/min pump for the spool valves and a 27 l/min pump for the rear linkage is available. Up to four mechanical spool valves are possible. Four electronic spool valves can also be installed to extend the range of spool valve capabilities. They are operated by two electronic rocker switches and the ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever. All the electronic valves come with flow control, and the rocker switches also have time control.

Weight restricted to 3.5 t

The permissible gross weight of the NEXOS can be restricted to 3.5 t so that it can be operated with a car driving licence in certain countries. This is particularly important in municipal work.

You can find CLAAS at the EIMA exhibition 2018 in hall 19, stand A12.