Engines for tomorrow.

Cummins engines comply with Stage V.

When it comes to trend-setting engine technology, Cummins is one of the frontrunners. Cummins engines are in use in over 1,000,000 agricultural machines around the world. Their outputs range from 55 to 4,400 hp.

Advantages for you.

  • The 400-litre fuel tank allows you to work through long days without interruption
  • The 49-litre urea tank extends refill intervals
  • The exhaust gas aftertreatment system takes up only a small amount of space
  • The engine and radiator can be accessed easily
  • The absence of EGR technology reduces the cooling requirement
  • AVERO 240 with 213 hp
  • AVERO 160 with 167 hp

Protection for the environment.

The AVERO is now equipped with the latest Cummins engine: the Cummins B6.7 complies with the Stage V emission standard and develops a powerful 213 hp or 167 hp with a displacement of 6.7 litres. As it operates without EGR technology, the degree of cooling it requires is reduced. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the engine.

The exhaust gas aftertreatment system consists of a diesel particulate filter and an SCR catalytic converter. Although situated in the engine compartment, this unit has a compact design which allows you unimpeded access to the engine for maintenance and cleaning tasks. The fill level of the high-capacity urea tank, which holds 49 litres, is indicated in the cab.

Perkins engines comply with Stage IIIA.

Real reserves.

The rugged Perkins engine provides the AVERO with all the power you need to operate it productively for extended periods under difficult harvesting conditions. Advanced engine technology means that its diesel consumption is surprisingly low.

Impressive advantages.

  • The 400-litre fuel tank allows you to work through long days without interruption
  • Improved engine running characteristics and optimal power transmission reduce fuel consumption to a significant degree
  • The good accessibility makes maintenance and cleaning tasks easy
  • AVERO 240 with 205 hp
  • AVERO 160 with 158 hp

Top performance.

The new generation of Perkins engines with common-rail technology delivers 158 hp in the AVERO 160 and 205 hp in the AVERO 240. As the combustion process has been optimised by Perkins, no additional exhaust gas aftertreatment systems are required in order to comply with the Stage IIIA (Tier 3) emission standard.

The cooling system is cleaned continuously by an automatic dust extraction system which results in a significant reduction in dirt build-up on the cooling fins. When periodic cleaning of the radiator screen is required, it is simply pivoted to the side. All the important maintenance points can be accessed quickly and easily by means of the mobile folding ladder.

Intelligent ground drive.

No engaging and disengaging the clutch, no shifting gears - just full concentration on the harvest. You control the innovative, hydrostatic ground drive of the AVERO conveniently and comfortably with the multifunction lever.

Such operating comfort enhances performance. You can turn faster and adapt the ground speed immediately to the changing field conditions. The high pump volume ensures responsive handling under all conditions.

Reduces soil compaction in the field.

The wide range of tyres allows the AVERO to be matched ideally to your requirements. For maximum soil protection and traction, the AVERO can be equipped with 800 mm wide tyres. The added advantage of the low operating weight of the machine means that it leaves no deep tracks and so avoids causing compaction damage. Every available harvesting day can be used. Harvesting can also be resumed quickly after long periods of rain.

Maintenance. Compact, but big on user-friendliness.

Easy maintenance.

  • Pivoting radiator frame for fast manual cleaning
  • Large, continuous side panels for unimpeded access
  • Easy access to the engine compartment and other maintenance areas with a mobile, foldable ladder
  • Rear hood opens if necessary
  • Long service intervals
  • Lubrication banks
  • Storage box for tools

Fast access.

Maintenance is very simple, requiring little effort or time, while the service intervals for the AVERO are long. All important maintenance points are easily accessible, and the best part is that much of the work can be done quickly by the operator.

Intelligent cooling system with automatic dust extraction.

The AVERO works with an extremely efficient common cooling system for the engine, hydraulics and climate control system. Automatic dust extraction continuously cleans the hydraulically rotating radiator frame and provides optimal cooling while it significantly reduces soiling of the cooling ribs. The radiator frame can be pivoted for better cleaning.