AVERO 240. Tough enough to cope with rice.

Takes rice in its stride: the APS threshing unit.

As rice grains are delicate, a spike-toothed threshing drum is used instead of the usual rasp bar threshing drum. The spike teeth on the threshing drum rub the rice grains out of the plant's panicles. The spike teeth are offset on the bars of the threshing drum and pass between the stationary spike teeth on the threshing concave.

Additional toothed bars are bolted to the impeller to direct the heavy rice straw onto the straw walkers reliably under all conditions.

The chassis of the AVERO 240.

The more difficult harvesting conditions in rice fields make great demands on the machine. Specially sealed axles are available for use in very wet conditions. These ensure reliability and durability, under even the most adverse conditions.

Grain tank HD.

Rice grains are particularly aggressive and cause a high degree of wear during grain collection and grain tank unloading. This is why there is a particularly wear-resistant version of the grain tank, in which the augers for filling and unloading the grain tank as well as the auger in the grain tank unloading tube have a special coating.

C490 and C430 standard cutterbars for rice harvesting.

The intake auger of these cutterbars is also available as an HD version whose auger thread is specially coated to reduce wear by plants and dirt adhesion. These cutterbars can be equipped with two different cutting systems to ensure that the crop is cut cleanly:

  • Special knife guards and crop guards for the knife bar (crop lifters can be used)
  • Twin knife system (crop lifters cannot be used)

Rice harvesting with VARIO and CERIO cutterbars.

The VARIO and CERIO cutterbars are also available with special equipment for rice harvesting. As in the case of the C490 and C430 cutterbars, the intake auger is coated to reduce any wear as much as possible. Here, too, a special cutting system is available for trouble-free cutting of the rice plants. The short knife guards and the optimised crop guards ensure a precise cut and blockage-free operation.