CLAAS maintenance service

Planned reliability

Avoid machine down time, unnecessary costs and constant irritation.

CLAAS maintenance service

Planned reliability

Avoid machine down time, unnecessary costs and constant irritation.

Planned reliability, through regular proactive maintenance.

All CLAAS products are designed for maximum cost-efficiency, based on innovative technology, high quality and unique driving comfort and convenience. This all adds up to optimum reliability for successfully getting the harvest in, irrespective of the operating and field conditions. But to sustain this optimum performance in the long term, we recommend regular preventive maintenance by the specialists at your CLAAS sales partner.

Along with regular training and professional development for their people, their outstanding maintenance service is based on:

  • Current technical documentation, including all updates from the season in progress
  • Special tools and diagnosis technology
  • Inspection procedures tailored to individual machines
  • Comprehensive vehicle history
  • Documentation in the digital service voucher booklet
  • and much more besides.

Having your maintenance work carried out by your CLAAS sales partner keeps your machine performing at a high level of quality job after job, season after season. One of the aims of specialist maintenance is to avoid machine down time, with all the associated costs and irritation.

And as well as placing one-off orders for maintenance work, your CLAAS sales partner is of course also able to offer service agreements.

CLAAS maintenance agreements.

The proactive maintenance service provided by your CLAAS sales partner saves you time, and involves much more than just an inspection.

  • Detailed inspection of specific components
    1. Whole machine
    2. Engine
    3. Chassis
    4. Transmission / clutch / drive shafts
    5. Brake
    6. Steering
    7. Lift device
    8. Hydraulics
    9. Cab
    10. Attachment parts/machine body
    11. Basic maintenance
    12. Electrics/electronics
    13. Hitching
    14. Drive systems
    15. ...

    Please note that maintenance points vary according to machine type and servicing interval.

Maintenance alerts

Through the Remote Service function, your machine forwards an alert to your CLAAS workshop in good time ahead of the upcoming maintenance interval. And of course the maintenance intervals are entered in the vehicle documentation. Regular maintenance by professional specialists minimises any possibility of down time, through the early detection of low service fluids or worn parts.

Arranging an appointment

Thanks to the alert on the upcoming maintenance deadline, the CLAAS service specialist can contact you well ahead of time, ensuring flexibility of planning. This means maximum availability of your machine, and of course you and the maintenance specialist can decide together on whether to have the work done in the workshop or at your location.

Maintenance quotation

All maintenance jobs are costed in a simple and clear format with the "Maintenance Online" digital tool. The standard maintenance scope includes a general vehicle inspection and other items such as replacing wear parts, updating software, the adjustment of key components, and checking service fluid levels. You receive a prompt and transparent statement of the associated costs.

Preparation for maintenance

By planning the job well ahead of time, the service specialist is able to ascertain exactly what work is going to be required, and quickly to form a precise picture of your machine on the basis of the digital machine history. CLAAS ORIGINAL service fluids and parts can then be prepared in good time before the maintenance is carried out.

Carrying out the maintenance work

The work performed by the CLAAS specialist extends far beyond the scope of instructions in the operating manual, and along with the many and varied maintenance procedures carried out, they will provide you with comprehensive individual advice on your machine. CLAAS service specialists can draw on all the latest information from the worldwide CLAAS network, and they also have access to all the required special tools, ensuring the work is completed speedily and efficiently.

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